Who would have thought a shopping bag had so much influence?

Who would have thought a shopping bag had so much influence?

Custom printed grocery bags have been going for years now, in fact if you walk into a store and walk out with a plain non-printed shopping/grocery bag, you know you have either been to the corner store or the owner of the store hasn’t got a clue about the power hidden in the print. So, we asked the question: Why do grocery stores all have custom printed grocery bags? What started the trend and isn’t it just another innocent way to make your shopping experience better?

Marketing is never innocent. It holds a hidden power and each and every true marketing tool targets the deepest parts of your subconscious. Yes, each and every bag, regardless of the message it carries, will stay with you, hidden deep in your mind. Think now about a grocery store that you visit frequently, that has a custom printed shopping bag, can you describe that bag without seeing it in front of you right now? The truth is, you can pull to mind every shopping bag that you have taken home and used in your kitchen, or in and around your house. It really doesn’t matter what it gets used for, but taking it home, using it in the home, creates a familiarity with you and your most personal space, and this is what the core of marketing is all about.

How you decide where you really love to shop.

Taking your shopping bag home and creating that relationship between your home and the bag is exactly what the grocery stores want. The more you see the bag in your house and around you, the more the logo and the message is imprinted on your psyche. It’s like learning parrot fashion, the more you repeat the words, the stronger the imprint gets. Once you have the familiarity, and their logo is imprinted in your mind, subliminal messaging becomes so much simpler and far more effective on you. Now, with a few colours dedicated to the specified brand your mind is able to make associations and your thinking patterns will all be geared towards the decision that they want you to make.

It’s not just in custom printed grocery bags.

It’s in everything, but custom printed grocery bags are perhaps the cheapest. Remember in most parts of the world, you are charged to be a victim to having your thoughts and decisions changed, which means that this marketing tool does not cost the grocery store a single dime. Print media marketing is an entire universe on it’s own and the in depth science of the psychology behind its seemingly innocent presence is rather overwhelming, when you delve deep enough.

We want to believe that we are in control of all our thoughts and every decision that we make, but are we? Sadly those with the knowledge of the power of marketing are really in control. Most of the world is oblivious to the hidden powers of marketing and live out their lives thinking that every action they took was their own doing. Who would have thought a custom printed grocery bag could have so much influence on you?