What to do with your used clothes

With the current trends in the fashion industry focusing on capsule wardrobes, the curated closet, minimalism, or even just getting rid of mistaken purchases, you might have clothes that you no longer need. You may be asking what to do with your used clothes? While you make space in your closet for clothes that fit you, flatter you, or that you love, remember that your used clothing may be given a second life if you donate it to charity; we recommend Pick up Please.

Donating your clothes

One of the best things you can do with our old clothes is to donate them. Donating old clothes prevents them from ending up in a landfill. Fast fashion (or the rapid change of multi-seasonal trends) has produced the idea that clothing is disposable. People wear their clothes very few times before replacing them for the latest trend. This means that when products are off the trend, they are often disposed of in ways that contribute to environmental pollution. Donating clothing means that these clothes may be given to those who need them.

Think about where to donate your clothes

A great many bloggers question the donation of second-hand clothes. This is because with so many items being donated, there is often a surplus of clothes within charity shops. These clothes might be put into bundles and exported to third world countries. Many argue that this disrupts local industry in these countries. However, there are a great many people in need of good quality clothing. Think homeless shelters, women’s shelters, people who are looking for new employment or children’s homes. Used clothes would offer great benefit. Many charities also sell used clothes as a means of raising income for running costs. Donations of used clothing would offer a great deal of benefit to these charities.

Focus on what your chosen charity specializes in

Often, used clothing might be more helpful if donated to a specific charity. People who are looking for employment after having been homeless, for example, often appreciate business attire. A charity which helps young girls find outfits to go to the prom may benefit from the donation of evening gowns. Sports attire or sneakers may be most suitable for charities which help underprivileged children take part in sports. By focusing on where your clothes would be most useful, you offer up the possibilities that your clothes will enrich the lives of their new owners.

Take care of your clothes before you donate them.

When you donate your clothes, the new owner or charity shop will want them to be in the best condition possible. If you are giving your clothes to charity, make sure that they are freshly laundered, and that they are not stained, and that they are in good repair. Donating used clothing which is dirty or in bad condition means that shops and charities will have to pay to have the clothes repaired, laundered or taken away. This cuts into the costs of running the charity.

By donating your old clothing to those who need it most, those mistaken buys, pants you were waiting to one day fit into, or clothes that looked great on the hanger but never on you can be given a new life, enriching the lives of those who inherit them. Go ahead, donate responsibly.