Types of Olive Oil

The olive tree is one of the ancient trees that is said to have originated, or that was first located in the Middle East countries such as Palestine Syria, Iran and among other countries that are found in the Mediterranean basin in about 6000 years ago. The try for some time has not only been seen as a mere food but is associated with various functions depending on the part of the tree. The major function of the tree for a long period has been used as a medical product; its oil has been used for ointment, used in religious ceremonies among other function. The major product of the olive tree that is widely used today is the olive oil. Olive oil is even recognized as one of the best bible foods that Christians are supposed to use. The question that we always ask ourselves is what are the types of Olive Oil? Most of us do not understand the various types of olive oil, in this article, I have discussed majorly on three main types of olive oil.

Types of olive oil

Olive oil is usually prepared or extracted by Mountain Town Olive Oil from the olive flowers which are rich in fatty acids. The extraction of olive oil can be done by a commercial industry that has specialized in the extraction. The three major type of olive oil includes pomace olive oil, extra virgin, and extra light olive oil.

Pomace olive oil

This is one of the most known types of olive oil. This liquid is majorly used as a multipurpose cooking oil; it can be used in flying vegetables and also meat cooking. The meet is used in low flying because it does not have a smoke or does not produce smoke when cooking and hence it is preferred. Its smoking point is high and hence cannot be reached easily when deep flying your meal. Pomace olive oil is obtained by treating pressed flowers paste with a solvent and extracts the oil. This oil also has some health benefits to our body.

Extra light olive oil

This type of oil is characterized by its lightness regarding taste and flavor. Just like pomace, its smoking point is also higher and hence can also be used for deep frying. It can also be used in shallow frying due to its lightness.

Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is usually known by many as EVOO; this is an acronym name for the oil that many know. This is the olive oil type of high quality that you can buy. When the oil has not been mixed with any chemical, it maintains its original flavor of the olive flower. Due to low levels of oleic acid, the oil is rich in more natural minerals and vitamins like vitamin k, which are important in our body. Its smoking point is also at a higher point and hence can be used for deep frying. This type of oil is ideal for dressings, dishes that have not been cooked dips among others.

These are the major or most known types of olive oil that are used by many people in the market today. You can as well do your research on finding out whether are there other types rather than the one we have discussed.